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Automotive Electrical System, Part 2

This month we cover issues relat­ing to the lead acid battery and what to do when you have trouble with one. Last month we looked at the components in the electri­cal system and how they interact. A typical battery problem scenario: you’ve been driving for a half hour or so (your Porsche is running great), you stop at a store for about 15 minutes, return to your car, insert and turn the key to start the engine and hear a rapid clicking noise (sometimes you will not hear anything). The engine is not turning over, so you try it again — nothing. You may have headlights and instrument lights and everything ap­pears to be OK, but your car will not start. The old adage of if the headlights come on doesn’t apply any longer. The battery may have enough voltage to run various items, but not the starter. Your car has a dead battery, so what do you do now? We will get back to that, but first some background. Usually a battery will just die from old age. It can ... read more