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Servicing the Cayenne Automatic Transmission

Servicing the Cayenne Automatic Transmission We were contacted recently by a PCA club member who asked if it would be possible for him to perform a service on the automatic transmission in his Cayenne. The answer is a qualified yes, it is possible; however, having the required tools and the procedural knowledge for performing this service is critical. After documenting this information, we thought that it might provide an interesting insight for club members as to what is involved in performing this important service for the Cayenne. This is also somewhat indicative of servicing the later model Tiptronic transmission equipped Porsche’s. We recommend you warm up the engine to operating temperature. Drive the vehicle and make sure that the transmission operates properly; shifting correctly in all gears and speeds. Let the car cool down overnight before starting the transmission service. Be prepared to dispose of the fluid and filter properly due to t ... read more