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How Long Should a BMW Engine Last?

How Long Should a BMW Engine Last?

There's something unique about this sleek German-made car that combines luxury, style, and success. They are well-built cars that can last for years with proper care and maintenance. Rumors about BMW oil issues are typically not because of BMW but because the owner fails to change the oil regularly. As a consumer, you should never use a different oil than recommended by the manufacturer, and certainly not off-brand. BMW can last its owner a lifetime but with proper oil changes. However, BMWs can still have some faults and issues even if they're well-built, high-quality cars. So, you must be careful when making an expensive purchase like a BMW and know properly what potential problems may arise before making that commitment. We have listed the most common BMW problems that you may face. Engine Just like any other vehicle, BMW problems regarding the clutch, combustion modules, and injectors sometimes occur from time to time. A replacement of the components that have deteriora ... read more