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Which Porsche?

Which Porsche              A question we are often asked both by first time buyers or already seasoned owners, “which Porsche is the best to purchase”. Throughout their history, Porsche has made outstanding vehicles. Excellence in engineering, styling, materials, workmanship and performance have been their core values from the very beginning. Their continual reengineering, technical and racing development has allowed Porsche to maintain a reputation as one of the top automotive manufactures in the world with some models that could be taken from the showroom directly to the race track. Which one is the best? The simple answer is Porsche’s latest offerings, the technology and performance are spectacular. However, that is usually not the answer being sought, the question really being asked is “which used Porsche is best for me.” That can be a very complicated answer on multipl ... read more

911 Quick Reference Guide

911 Quick Reference Guide

911 Street Model Variants The wide world of 911 models can get confusing. Tony Callas as put together a quick-reference guide of 911 Models for easy reference of street 911 models. 1964-1968 Short wheel base (Long Hood) -Oil and filter change – FILL QUANTITY 8.50 - 9.00 Quarts -All engines 2.0 Liter -All engine cases aluminum -1967 first year of the 911S -1967 911S introduction of Fuchs wheels – 2 versions – 4.5 in for the 911S – 7.0 in for the 911R -1967 was the first year for factory-supplied Weber carburetors with the 911S getting 40IDS carbs – 1st 20 cars got 40 IDA special w/ no high speed circuit - but stamped S on the end. -1968 first and only year of 911L -1968 911 engine case now magnesium (mid-year changeover) -1968 911S only in Europe (Heavy emissions year) -1968 US cars had smog pumps and emissions equipment -Bendix style fuel pumps located in engine compartment 1969 First year of Long wheel base (Long Hood ... read more