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Porsche 911R


A Callas Rennsport Restoration is unique. We are true to the marque and have true Porsche ethos. We are proud to preserve the Porsche lineage and are excited to share our passion for the classics with you. We exceed our clients expectations to deliver a finished product that is like getting a “brand-new” classic Porsche.

Preservation over restoration

911 R

In our 28 years of caring for Porsches, we have established the best sources for classic Porsche parts and the best vendors for machining, painting, and metal work. We have a passion for excellence and we have high expectations for those we work with, as well.

There’s nothing more satisfying than taking an old barn find and making it mint. We’ve had the honor to service and restore Porsche’s rarest models, such as the 911R’s and the 959’s. We’d love to have the honor of restoring your Porsche.