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Tony Callas

Tony Callas 911 | Callas Rennsport

Tony Callas grew up in his father’s shop, Targa Porsche Workshop, in Austin, Texas and demonstrated mechanical talent at a very young age. At 10, he worked alongside his father, servicing Porsches; at 16, he rebuilt his first engine; at 18, he went to the Porsche Factory School and began working on race cars on weekends. As Tony will attest, at age 12, he set a goal to open his own shop by the time he was 30.

In Los Angeles, Tony mentored under Adrian Gang at Edelweiss Porsche, Alwin Springer of Porsche Motorsport North America (PMNA), and the renowned Vasek Polak.  Then, in February of 1992, the dream of Callas Rennsport became a reality with the opening of a one-bay shop in Torrance, California. Quickly outgrowing this location, Callas expanded to his current location in Torrance, where the shop continues to thrive today.

The Callas legacy includes an international racing history with Roock Racing, Seikel Motorsport, Champion Racing, Peterson White-Lightning, and wins at the 24 Hours of Daytona and Le Mans, where Tony was Mechanic of the Year for Porsche in 2001.

Tony Callas


Tony Callas GT1 | Callas Rennsport