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Long Term Storage in Relation to Engine Oil

How often should I change my engine oil if I don’t drive my car? Almost weekly we are confronted with this question; it’s a tough one to answer because most of the time nobody wants to hear the real facts.  How the car is stored, for what period of time and which engine lubricant is utilized are additional necessary questions. Lubrizol performed an oil analysis study for military vehicles, they found that if an engine is not started, meaning no combustion whatsoever, the engine oil can last up to 6 years without servicing, but it’s not as simple as it appears. If your car is truly in long term climate controlled storage, then it is fine to let it sit for quite a few years without touching the engine oil, if you follow one simple rule, you must turn the crankshaft with a wrench to make sure the rotating parts see variable resting points, the piston rings get moved and primarily so that the crankshaft main and connecting rod bearings not get mated to their compo ... read more

Engine Oil Maintenance

Engine Oil Maintenance

So, here’s how it goes: Technicians say to change your engine oil annually regardless of mileage. Clients worry if it’s unnecessary after reading articles or blog posts. Normally, there’s no proof of what happens if you don’t do it annually, WE HAVE PROOF! We look at your oil analysis numbers from SPEEDiagnostix. Worried it’s a waste of money to change your oil annually? One client of ours decided against it. It’s a prime example, and it cost this client over $150k in repairs! All because they let their rare Porsche supercar sit for long periods of time without changing the engine oil often enough. Not to mention how they drove it once it was started. It’s likely that this was coupled with unfavorable driving characteristics, poor choice of engine oil, and confirmed poor choice of gasoline. When an engine gets driven short distances and for short periods of time, it builds water in the engine oil, that water raises the T ... read more