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Building a Racecar Driver - Chapter 1

A number a years ago, Callas Rennsport gained a new client named Daniel Espinosa. He’s in his mid-50’s and absolutely loves everything mechanical, especially mechanical things that run on petrol. He had such a huge desire to go racing, and wanted to accomplish too much too quickly. I had to hold him back. It’s tough when a new blossoming driver can afford a much faster and higher horsepower car, which would impress everyone including themselves, but that isn’t the best thing to learn in. I tell every new driver, get yourself the slowest car your ego can handle. Knowing our substantial racing history, Daniel bothered me for a number of years to go racing. I told him that I had retired from racing and campaigning racecars, and that we were not in a position to support a full-fledged racing program. Racing is a sport that requires severe commitment and funding. While most people are not equipped, either due to health, family commitments or financial constraints ... read more