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The Best Way to Deal with Cylinder Head Cracks


Cracks in your cylinder head are devastating to both your engine and wallet. In most cases, it’s not just the cylinder head that is damaged. The problem with your Porsche or BMW could be more significant than initially expected. Fortunately, the majority of cylinder head cracks are fixed easily. However, it is not hard to rule out the need for a replacement if the cracks run deep. But then again, it is up to a mechanic to decide on the best possible solution.

Our experts at Callas Rennsport specialize in BMW and Porsche repair. We take on any automotive task, even repairing cylinder head cracks. We also provide car care services, from regular oil changes to complete vehicle restoration. We ensure your vehicle gets the treatment it deserves. Our team understands the value some clients put into their cars. That’s why we take utmost care during repairs and maintenance.

Our shop is outfitted with the latest tools and equipment, specially designed for servicing all models of BMW and Porsche cars. Older vehicles typically require more attention to detail since some components are irreplaceable or hard to find. However, we always do our best to ensure a favorable outcome, mainly when repairing cylinder head cracks on vintage units. Our expert mechanics will ensure that your cylinder head is returned to its pristine condition without compromise.

What Causes Cylinder Head Cracks?

Cylinder head cracking is a common problem generated by excessive heat. Although not visible to the naked eye, engines expand and contract as it heats up and cools back down. Rapid temperature changes cause much stress on the cylinder head. Advanced metal compositions can make the head more resilient to cracking, but it is still not entirely avoidable. In addition, combustion engines on high-performance vehicles generate much heat as they provide enormous amounts of power to the transmission system.

Porsche and BMW vehicles are known for their agility and power. However, power can sometimes come at a cost. When engine components fail, it leads from one thing to another. For example, a faulty head gasket can stress the cylinder head and the engine block. These two components are often made of different metals to handle the immense combustion pressure. So when the head gasket fails, it often results in cylinder head cracks and other issues.

Several problems could result from cylinder head cracks. First, the coolant could seep through the cracks and enter the cylinder and engine block. While coolant leakage will not result in immediate catastrophic failure, severe damage is highly likely. Coolant could enter if the cracks are large enough, leading to power loss and damage to the piston and piston rings. The valves may also sustain damage if the cracks are situated nearby. Other engine issues may result without immediate repairs. Engine and cylinder repairs are costly if the problems have already worsened. Dealing with the problem early on prevents cracks from spreading and repair costs down. 

By no means are cylinder head cracks tolerable. They obviously won’t be going away on their own. Also, cracks can expand when left unattended. That’s why you need to have your car checked soon as you notice signs of cylinder head problems. You may visit our shop for cylinder head repair in Torrance, CA. Our experts at Callas Rennsport can inspect, detect, and correct any cylinder head issues.

Professional Cylinder Head Repair

There’s no possible way to DIY your way around cylinder head issues. Even if you have welding machines lying around, they won’t guarantee the integrity of your cylinder. A professional mechanic needs professional equipment to locate and identify all cracks. The process also involves checking how deep the crack goes. A technician can also determine if the cylinder head is still salvageable. Some cylinder head cracks cause so much damage that the entire part is irreparable. In these cases, replacing the head is the best option.

Visiting a trusted auto repair shop near you is the best way to deal with engine component issues. Other than that, specialty shops like Callas Rennsport have the best sources for OEM parts. In addition, we procure even hard-to-find parts through our network of part providers. As a result, every customer can rest assured of a favorable outcome every time. 


Engine problems can sometimes cost a small fortune, particularly on vintage models. If you own a classic BMW or Porsche unit, it will be best to consult a specialist. Our team at Callas Rennsport has seasoned mechanics on staff who can handle even the most complex of auto repairs, and cylinder head cracks are no exception.

Visit our shop today to get your vehicle checked. We offer essential maintenance, complex repairs, and even engine rebuilds. Please book an appointment through our website or call us today! Our experts are waiting for you!


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