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Reasons You Should Never Skip Routine BMW Maintenance in Torrance

Routine BMW Maintenance in Torrance

It doesn’t matter what model you drive, when it comes to keeping your car on the road for a long time and in optimum performance, routine tune-ups are necessary. Part of being a responsible car owner is making sure that you never skip BMW maintenance in Torrance and making sure you take your car to the right auto shop is essential.

There is a reason manufacturers have created guidelines depending on mileage or time when certain maintenance features must be carried out. If you happen to own a new BMW, recommended services are not just there to keep your vehicle in tip-top shape and running at optimum performance— in most cases, the warranty that the car comes with requires it.

Keeping up with the schedule

A lot of people do tend to put off maintenance for as long as they can. This is hardly surprising as a lot of people don’t just find it time-consuming, it can be quite inconvenient too, especially since people these days tend to live a fast-paced lifestyle, and going out of their way for a car tune-up can be such a pain.

Some people just find the whole thing stressful, and others are compelled to put it off because of a tight budget. Regardless of the reason, a car that has been poorly maintained is only going to bring about some very serious consequences— something that you might end up paying dearly in terms of hefty costs or worse, your safety on the road as data from the National Highway Transport Safety Administration reveals that around 20% of traffic accidents are linked to poor vehicle maintenance or the absence thereof.

Things to check during a BMW maintenance in Torrance

You’ll eventually have to bring your vehicle to an auto shop at some point to get that much-needed maintenance. Below are some of the most important parts of the car that your mechanic should pay close attention to:


As the heart of the vehicle, your engine is what keeps it going. Even the slightest engine troubles can cause considerable issues while you’re on the road which, if ignored, will exacerbate into more serious issues that will greatly jeopardize your safety. It’s a good idea to have the engine at least twice a year.


Considering how they are in contact with the road the whole time you are driving your vehicle, it is hardly surprising how they’re most susceptible to wearing out. In the US, worn-out and damaged tires are among the top causes of car accidents, so making sure you pay close attention to yours is essential. Your mechanic will make sure it is properly inflated ad will check for punctures. Since tires must be rotated regularly, bringing your BMW to your auto shop for a rotation every six months is ideal.


Brakes play a crucial role in stopping your vehicle every time you need to which is why it needs to be part of your regular car tune-up. Ideally, the brake system should be flushed every two years to avoid system failures and your trusted automotive technician can get the job done. He’ll also need to check the brake pads and make sure that they are not clogged with dirt otherwise your car is going to make an annoying squealing sound every time you step on them.


Despite BMWs being marketed for having a lifetime fill of transmission fluid, it is quite common for transmission to start having problems once you’ve reached around 70k miles. Instead of waiting for that to happen, it is best practice to get the transmission flushed every time you hit the 50k mileage as this would cost you way less than having to get a replacement.

Cooling system

You need your cooling system to be efficiently and effectively operational the entire time as it is responsible for keeping your engine temperature within ideal levels. Flushing the system every three years will do wonders in keeping your car from overheating.

Keeping up with routine car maintenance is every car owner’s responsibility. This does not only keep the vehicle roadworthy for a long time, but it improves your road safety too while also preventing you from having to cough up more money to pay for expensive repair costs. If you’re due for a BMW maintenance in Torrance, look no further than Callas Rennsport. We’re LA’s premier BMW and Porsche service and restoration center and we’re always happy to help you get the most out of your performance car.