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Long-Term Storage

If you’re going to store your special automobile for any lengthy period of time, here are my thoughts:

Change the engine oil and filter and flush the brake fluid before putting the car into storage.

The main thing is to not start the engine unless you are going to be able to drive the car for at least 30 minutes, this will burn all the moisture out of the oil. IF it’s a street car oil, you are good to go for length of time. Race oil is good for one year. Never start your engine unless you’ll be able to drive your car, an idling engine, especially from cold start, is very harmful to the engine intervals.

Disconnecting is okay, but better yet removing the battery from the car is the best idea.

Pump the tires up to 50-60lbs, do not jack the car up, this will expose the shock shafts.

Fill the fuel tank and put a bottle of Driven fuel stabilizer in the fuel tank.  This is good for one year, if you must go for a longer period of time, drain the fuel system completely, which is very difficult to do.

I like to dress all the weatherstripping with either silicone grease or gummiflege.

I also like the plates or mats you can buy to put under the car tires as it sits. This will assist against tire flat spotting.

Close the cockpit off completely and put a large desiccant inside the cockpit.

Cover the car. A climate controlled (temperature and humidity) storage space is best.

If the car sits for up to a year or so, I wouldn’t worry as much about restart. If it sits for a few years, you need to tow it to a specialist for first start of the engine. We’ve seen the destruction of engine bearings from a dry start.

Try your best to keep all varmints away from the vehicle if possible.

As for trickle chargers, don’t skimp on this technology. If you’re going to leave the battery installed, which isn’t the best option, buy the best intelligent smart charger you can. C-Tek seems to have a good one. Battery Tender also has a good quality high end one too. I’m not a fan of going through the cigarette lighter, bolt it directly to the battery.

I hope this helps,

Tony Callas