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IMS Guardian Part #1

IMS Guardian Part #1

One of the more common issues with the M96 engine has been and remains the degradation of the Intermediate Shaft Bearing (IMS). If the IMS begins to wear severely and continues to do so undetected, the IMS will eventually fail. A failure of this vital engine component can set in motion a myriad of collateral damage to other internal components. The resulting unfettered spread of metal debris will result in a catastrophic failure of the engine. The frustrating part of the IMS issue is in not knowing if the problem is present in your 986 Boxster or 996 Carrera or one you are considering for purchase.

The IMS and almost all of the other potential failure scenarios associated with the M96 engine have one easily overlooked symptom that precedes a deadly failure. This symptom is where high amounts of ferrous (iron) metal particles are present in the engine oil. If the deteriorating part, that is shedding metal debris into the oil, can be found and replaced in a timely manner a component failure can be avoided and the potential loss of an engine will be prevented. It is with knowing that this symptom exists and the desire to save engines through early detection that Jake Raby and James Hatcher of Raby Engine Development created a new product. It is the IMS Guardian and it provides the driver with an advanced warning that there is a problem taking place in the engine.

The IMS Guardian is a sensor system that comes to you complete and ready for installation in your 986/987 Boxster or 996/997 Carrera. Yes, we did just mention the newer 987 and 997 as these cars are not immune to the IMS problems of their older siblings. The IMS Guardian is designed to react to the ferrous metal debris content in the engine oil. If the quantity of ferrous metal debris reaches a level sufficient to activate the sensor, a dash mounted light will illuminate accompanied by an audible alarm, warning you that a problem is at hand.

The IMS Guardian is designed and built on the tried and proven technology of Magnetic Chip Detection (MCD) which has been utilized in the aircraft industry since the 50’s. There is no guesswork involved. This technology has saved lives by alerting flight crews of an impending mechanical failure, this same technology could now potentially save your Porsche engine.
Tune in next month for part #2…