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Callas Rennsport Check In

Callas Rennsport Vehicle Check In

At Callas Rennsport, we have always done a thorough vehicle check-in. We inspect the outside of the car to determine if it has any body needs, review the requested services with you, and discuss the best care for the car. With COVID-19 safety precautions, we have enhanced the check-in process to ensure the safety of our clients and our staff, so we can continue to care for your Porsches and BMWs!

When you arrive, you'll see our designated parking spots outside the front office.

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Our Service Advisor, David, will greet you outside with a mask. We can provide masks and some hand sanitizer for those who need it. You'll be offered a cold drink or coffee to enjoy while David looks over your car.

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In addition to an oil change, brake replacement, tune up, or any services requested, David will go over any obvious needs after a check in inspection.

The preliminary quote and diagnosis needed will be reviewed with you. Once approved, we will arrange transportation and get you wherever you need to go.

To protect the car, we install seat and steering wheel covers, as well as a floor mat. For extra safety precautions, the car is sanitized before it’s assigned to a Technician. We use a disinfectant that is effective, but safe for use on some interior surfaces and keys. All frequently touched surfaces are disinfected.

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Technicians wear gloves while working on the interior of the car, and wear masks while test driving. Following the repairs and services, the car is washed and sanitized again. Approvals and card payments are done over the phone and when the car is ready, we arrange transportation. When you arrive, you'll sign the repair order and the car is ready to go!

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