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Building a Racecar Driver - Chapter 7

I’m currently on a flight from Portland, Oregon to Austin. Yes, I do take some time off here and there, and sometimes LA just seems too much.  Oregon has beautiful Rivers, Mountains and Trees, I enjoyed a few days there and even got to have lunch and some wine tasting with a good friend Gunner Mench!

When I arrive Austin I basically have two weeks to finish prepping our racecar. You might ask, two weeks, anything can be accomplished in two weeks! No, not really, because I am pretty much the only guy that services the racecar and let me tell you, both the techs and I prefer the car to be ready when it arrives the racetrack. Racing is interesting, no matter how much time you have, there is always more items to do than time available, always. 

Let me explain; I originally set up a service protocol per test or race weekend that includes the following list, and this includes our list for VIR:

Prep #39 for VIR Test and Race Weekend

-Set up in RV campground

-Prepare service list of all needs for VIR test and race weekend

-Order race fuel, golf cart, nitrogen and tires

-Set up Certificate of Insurance for Scooter, pit vehicle and golf cart

-Pick-up Rusnak parts shipped into COTA

-Pick-up wall clock shipped into at COTA

-Pick-up i-phone cables shipped into COTA

-Pick-up Router shipped into COTA

-Take delivery of fuel cell foam at TPWS

-Find PDR shop for dents on racecar

-Order fuel cell foam kit

-Buy masking tape

-Launder DE’s race suits and clothing

-Launder personal clothing

-Get RV rear A/C repaired

-Service RV Generator

-Send note to Airgas for Callas plan

-Remove all wheelhouse liners and underbody panels

-Warm engine up to operating temperature (yes, I even have a certain way I like to do this)

-Drain engine oil 

-Take engine oil sample

-Torque engine oil drain plug after inspection

-Submit engine oil sample online to SPEEDiagnostix-mail sample in

-Replace engine oil filter and housing every oil service

-Cut engine oil filter open and inspect for any debris

-Inspect car thoroughly

-Clean bottom of car

-Clean all wheel-housings (this is not a desirable job)

-Remove front bumper to clean coolant radiators

-Remove front fenders, front upper and lower splitters

-Straighten left radiator mounting best effort

-Replace left radiator assembly

-Remove upper engine cover to access coolant reservoir

-Fill and bleed coolant system with PIWIS-3

-Inspect all tires and wheels

-Modify front underbody panel for Manthey SRO TSB (technical service bulletin)

-Replace engine air filters

-Clean out engine air intake paths

-Wrap repaired front hood

-Install rear wing after fence repair

-Replace bent front hood hinges, install repaired front hood

-Finish tire and Pit carts (new tow handles)

-Relocate radio to center tunnel

-Relocate VBOX in cockpit

-Warranty Torx socket

-Obtain additional tire pressure gauge at CR for toolboxes

-LF Hood clip replaced

-Wrap all repaired body panels

-Replace battery negative cable for retrofitted IBS

-Test all cameras in car

-Flush brake fluid, inspect inside fluid reservoirs for any debris

-Nut and bolt car

-Torque rear axle bolts

-Check all control arms, especially rear toe links for play

-While upper engine cover panel removed-inspect all

-Install all underbody panels, front bumper, splitters, fenders, etc.

-Document current set-up numbers from COTA

-Contact Jim Bell (Engineer), discuss preferred set-up for VIR                                             

-Put new sticker set #200 on car and set to 30.0psi

-Disconnect ARB’s (Anti-Roll Bars) before going on flat pad

-Perform car set-up for VIR, document all numbers (shock pressures, camber, toe, corner weights and cross and finally adjust shocks)

-Connect ARB’s while still on flat pad

-Neutralize-connect ARB’s when on flat pad

-Label VBOX (SN and Pin locations)

-Install VBOX USB cable with thumb-drive

-Clean exterior of car

-Replace foam inside fuel cell if time permits

-Connect fire system controller

-Remove front lower splitter

-Car on transport tires

-Load Trailer at TPWS 05-26

-Check out of RV campground

-Leave Austin for VIR 05-27

There are many items I have left off. This is a very repeatable process that's about once per race or test, roughly once per month, and over and over. If you are ever interested in purchasing a used racecar, you should request all their service documentation, including the parts replacement histogram.

Okay I must get to work now, there’s quite a bit to do!

Thank you for reading!