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Porsche Engine Bore-Scoring Preventive Maintenance

Porsche Engine Bore-Scoring Preventive Maintenance

There’s been a lot of chatter lately about Porsche engine Bore-Scoring issues in relation to the 9X6’s (986 & 996) and 9X7’s (987 & 997). Check out my video describing this issue here. Without a doubt, these issues do exist, our goal is to mitigate the chances of this happening to you and your car.   With these simple measures, you should have better peace of mind: Buy the best Gasoline you can, choose a top-tier premium fuel such as Shell (V-Power), Chevron (Techron) or Exxon (Synergy) Supreme, this is to keep your fuel injectors clean. Dirty fuel injector(s) can have a strange fuel spray pattern which can cause a rich fuel mixture. This raw fuel mixture can wash the oil off your cylinder walls which in turn will cause a lack of cylinder & piston lubrication. A lack of cylinder & piston lubrication is the major cause of wear or ... read more

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