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Oxygen Sensors

The oxygen sensor was developed in the late 1960’s by the Robert Bosch Corporation. Porsche first installed an oxygen sensor, often referred to as an O2 sensor, in all their cars starting from 1980. The O2 sensor plays a critical role in the proper performance of the engine and helps support the effective operation of the emissions system. The O2 sensor is physically located in the engine’s exhaust system and monitors oxygen content in the exhaust gases exiting the engine. The O2 sensor operates by the principle of a chemical reaction that generates a voltage when oxygen in the exhaust gases comes in contact with the precious metals that comprise the O2 sensor. If little or no oxygen is present in the exhaust gases, a rich running condition exists and the voltage will build up higher in the O2 sensor. A lean running condition will have a lot of oxygen in the exhaust stream and this will generate a small amount of voltage. This voltage signal is sent to the Dig ... read more

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