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“Tony, You run a great ship. Good job-you are one of the best.”



“Motorbooks International, the car books publisher, asks me every few years to write or update the Porsche 911 Buyer’s Guide. These are the guys I come to first for advice, insight, and information. They have seen everything and they know the cures.”

Randy Leffingwell



Porsche technical trainer with Worldpac Training Institute.  Trainers need to know their subject cold, and it is an understatement to say that Tony is an exceptional trainer.  However, what impressed me most was not his incredible wealth of knowledge on Porsche, but that he was willing to share this knowledge with others to help make our industry stronger.  In the years since Tony first came to Edmonton I have visited Callas Rennsport and met Tony’s staff several times.  What impresses me is that without exception the staff at Callas Rennsport share Tony’s desire to make the right diagnosis, to pay attention to the details, and to treat customers fairly.  If I lived in the South Bay area, I would take my Porsche or BMW to Callas Rennsport.”

Paul Conquest

Paul Conquest is the owner of Eurasia Automotive, a 10 bay independent service facility in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada that specializes in Porsche and BMW as well as other European automobiles.

The Testimonials should fade in and out, not slide.  We’d like to have an important sentence or part of a sentence bolded. For example, Randy’s Testimonial: “Motorbooks International, the car books publisher, asks me every few years to write or update the Porsche 911 Buyer’s Guide. These are the guys I come to first for advice, insight, and information. They have seen everything and they know the cures.”

"Guys were fantastic! I only had a small issue but they fixed it right away and couldn't have been more professional. I highly recommend them to anyone needing Porsche service. A+"
Ken Kotarski
"Tony & his team have always done an excellent job in taking care of my car."
Eddy Karyadi
"I took the car in for maintenance and repair and was very happy with the work done. Plan to be back in the future."
Tim Browne

You guys always do a great job. My car looks better and runs better than I do


If you want it fixed the right way take it to tony


“Good, cheap, fast” - if I had to pick one that is much more important than the rest it would be “good”. That is why I go to Callas Rennsport. They take the time to do everything right and never cut corners. Tony is honest to a fault and will never push unnecessary repairs on customers for a quick buck - believe me he has enough work already and doesn’t need to cheat customers like other mechanics. I am a firm believer that you get what you pay for and while Callas is more than most shops, they are head and shoulders above them in terms of quality of service and knowledge of Porsche vehicles.


Just awesome! Great team. I was hoping to establish a “relationship” with my car and the guys there and I feel I got exactly that. After all work was done they spent time going over some systems and the car in general. I feel they know Porsche’s inside and out and that’s what a wanted. Callas will be the ONLY place that works on my GTS.


It's simple: They know Porsches and they care. Not only do they care about the cars, but they made me feel right at home. Very welcoming and wonderful team all around.


Tony and his crew are terrific. They seem to care for my Porsche as much as I do. Professional, positive and proactive.


My clutch went out. While doing the clutch, they did the IMS bearing seal removal, replaced engine rear main seal and replaced 2 chain tensioners in conjunction with IMS seal removal. Also replaced the clutch slave cylinder. My 2006 911 4S now runs like a brand new car. I can't believe the difference. They are the best.


There is a reason why Callas' shop is considered the best among serious Porsche aficianados. They get it right the first time, every time, and in several instances have saved me money by foreseeing issues and thoughtfully and honestly advising me on maintenance and part selection that have prevented more expensive repairs down the line. I have used this shop for many years and am impressed every time with its high level of professionalism and dedication to do things the right way. Thank you, CR.


I can't speak highly enough about the professionalism and expertise of Tony and his team. They know all of the Porsche platforms up, down, and sideways, and they've seen just about everything possible for these cars. If you're interested in keeping your Porsche in the best condition for decades, this is the shop for you.


I live in northern Arizona. This is the second big job Tony and his crew have done for me. Tony, Tom and the Callas Rennsport (CR) crew have just completed a PPI on a 2011 Cayman S I am/was considering for a purchase (I actually did pull the purchase "trigger"). Now, my sense is that work at CR is not inexpensive, nor is it "cheap". What do I mean by that? Well, if you want a quick once over PPI, just to identify any obvious (obvious to a skilled technician) problems, you best go elsewhere. That is not what CR provides. They do the work necessary to identify just about any and every issue the car has. CR is for the car you plan to keep for awhile, and do not want to become a bottomless "money pit". At the end of their work, you will know exactly what you are buying. You will know whether to walk away, renegotiate the price and/or smile with the satisfaction and peace of mind of knowing exactly what you are buying. On the other hand, if you are a gambler, there are many "cheaper" alternatives for a PPI.

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