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“Tony, You run a great ship. Good job-you are one of the best.”



“Motorbooks International, the car books publisher, asks me every few years to write or update the Porsche 911 Buyer’s Guide. These are the guys I come to first for advice, insight, and information. They have seen everything and they know the cures.”

Randy Leffingwell



Porsche technical trainer with Worldpac Training Institute.  Trainers need to know their subject cold, and it is an understatement to say that Tony is an exceptional trainer.  However, what impressed me most was not his incredible wealth of knowledge on Porsche, but that he was willing to share this knowledge with others to help make our industry stronger.  In the years since Tony first came to Edmonton I have visited Callas Rennsport and met Tony’s staff several times.  What impresses me is that without exception the staff at Callas Rennsport share Tony’s desire to make the right diagnosis, to pay attention to the details, and to treat customers fairly.  If I lived in the South Bay area, I would take my Porsche or BMW to Callas Rennsport.”

Paul Conquest

Paul Conquest is the owner of Eurasia Automotive, a 10 bay independent service facility in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada that specializes in Porsche and BMW as well as other European automobiles.

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"Guys were fantastic! I only had a small issue but they fixed it right away and couldn't have been more professional. I highly recommend them to anyone needing Porsche service. A+"
Ken Kotarski
"Tony & his team have always done an excellent job in taking care of my car."
Eddy Karyadi
"I took the car in for maintenance and repair and was very happy with the work done. Plan to be back in the future."
Tim Browne

Well, I really can't top what has already been said. I've been treated very well at Callas. But my story is actually about another man's car, my doctor's. He has a 993 Twin Turbo and the local Long Beach Porsche dealer could not get it to smog. (That's his story and I can't verify it.)I told the doc to take his car to Callas. Problem fixed readily. The problem is that dealers are all about new cars. The older air cooled cars are not favored by the dealer at all. Tony can work on anything Porsche or BMW and did sort out whatever was wrong with the 993.There weren't a lot of 993s made and they are getting to be 15-17 years old. 993s are complicated cars and they need a competent shop and Tony Callas has that shop.


Short story: Take your Porsche here, even ship it there if need be. Tony and his team are the best. Period.Long story: Okay, first of all, I ***NEVER*** in a million years could have imagined I would be writing such a review about an automobile mechanic shop, but here goes.I am a Porsche owner, but a bit of a fish out of water when it comes to having "nice things". One of the first things I noticed when I bought my car 7 years ago was a high service level across the board whenever I took it in anywhere. These guys have an integrity and service attribute that leaves the others in the dust.Due to a long story, my 2003 Boxster S was far overdue for service, many things wrong. When I called them the first time, I was VERY impressed by their willingness to openly discuss all the different things that could be an issue. Everything was upfront and I got a generic quote that was competitive over the phone. The next shop I called didn't service Porsche (BMW servicer) and the lady put me on hold to "check on something". She came back and said their mechanics highly recommended Callas Rennsport, so I called them back.I was able to bring my car in the next day and as soon as I walked in (embarrassed at the disarray my car was in), the magic started to happen. It was like I was the only person that mattered. We walked out to the car and went through EVERYTHING that I possibly thought could be wrong with the car. There was quite a bit of visual inspection as well. I was very impressed by, again, the openness and candor of Casey.Then another gentleman approached and engaged right in the conversation. Same manners here. I never felt that they were trying to sell up or oversell anything, it was just intent listening. At the end of the conversation, I found out I was speaking with the owner who has been here for 20 years now. Now mind you, I am standing amidst a sea of some of the most beautiful Porsches - some of which should be in a museum (356s), and the owner is spending time with me on my lowly Boxster. Clearly, it was a moment of unworthiness. lolAs I knew, there were many mechanical issues in the car and each one was amazingly documented out to me. Further, Tony and Casey took a personal interest in this repair. It almost seemed principled that this car would be fixed right. As we went through the items, I was dumbfounded by the impeccable integrity of their quotes and their rationale. Everything was ***VERY*** fairly priced and absolutely matched up and aligned to other expert's opinions on the Porsche boards (Rennlist, 6speedonline, etc..)I couldn't possibly be happier, and as a service executive who has very high standards anyhow, I hope this helps you make a fantastic decision to trust your Porsche to Tony and his crew. I know where, hereonin, my 996 will going.


My '05 Carrera showed "no bueno" check engine light and Tony and co. jumped on it without an appt. and had me out in no time with an accurate diagnosis. A strong, experienced and trustworthy team... you can't ask for much more than that!


First, I am super picky when it comes to my cars. That being sad, I've never met a more conscientious shop. I've taken my 911 Turbo (sold) and now my E90 M3 to Tony. The car always comes back perfect. Much better service than the dealer and less expensive too. Always honest, always fair always great work!


The best shop around in every category. Honest, efficient and professional. A trusted mechanic is a very important person to know and Tony is that guy.


Just brought in my porsche and bmw for the first time.Have a very positive experience.Porsche was just a routine oil change and replacement of a light bulb.Bmw was repair of air conditioning.Work was performed timely at a fair price.More importantly to me, given past experiences with other repair shops, tony and tom were honest and did not seek to get me to do unnecessary repairs.They are very knowledgeable of porsches and bmws.If you are seeking an independent repair shop i would strongly recommend callas rennsport.


Tony is the man. He is the only mechanic I would ever trust to work on my own cars and I am also a professional mechanic. His attention to detail is exemplary.


I bought a Porsche 914 6 conversion. The car is solid but it ran a little rich and had an oil leak that was getting worse so I took the car to a local Porsche shop in Torrance for evaluation. Callas Rennsport has been around twenty years or so and Tony has worked on Porsches his whole life, in-fact his father had a shop as well. He also worked for Vasek Polak.They cleaned up the fuel injection problem but the oil leak was still an issue. He discouraged me from a complete rebuild or a new motor and wanted to keep the car to figure out a fix. Tony wasn't OK with charging me a lot of money he was interested in fixing the problem. He thought of a way to fix it but was very cautious in working it out. When it was done I could tell he felt real good about the result. I picked the car up and took it out for a little shake down cruise, mild by any standards but I did pushed it. The car ran fantastically! Absolutely great! I stopped and check it a couple of times and it was bone dry, no leeks.I can't thank them enough for their persistence and patience on working out a solution. I am elated with the outcome thanks to Tony and his crew. I highly recommend Callas Rennsport for your Porsche and BMW maintenance and repairs.


These guys are good!!! Callas Rennsport, specializes in BMW, Porsche repair and maintenance. The service they do on your automobile is high quality. Done by a team with proper training and a lot of experience, Callas Rennsport delivers complete customer satisfaction.My most recent experience, I took my car to a local Porsche service dealer and my car came back in a worse condition than when it came in. My Porsche was dripping liquid perhaps leading to my steering giving out. The dealership said I needed new brakes when a week prior I got brand new brakes from Callas Rennsport. When service is done at a dealership, you don't know who is working on your vehicle. You don't know if these guys have certification at all. If ever you're in need of service for any series BMW or Porsche, come to Callas Rennsport. They're a great team and they are very knowledgeable.

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