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Which Porsche? Consultation

 A Porsche is more than a car, it’s a passion, a dream come true, and an investment. At Callas Rennsport, Porsche is our life. For nearly 30 years, we’ve worked on them all: classics, barn yard finds, brand new models, and historical one-of-a-kind Porsches. We’ve inspected multi-million-dollar Porsches so the buyer is prepared. There is no one better to help you make the right buying decision whether you’re buying your first Porsche or your next Porsche.  

A consultation with Tom Prine can help you make the right buying decision. If you know the specific model you’re interested in, Tom can tell you what to look for and how to ensure it’s the right car. If you just want an educated overview of the models, Tom can tell you good options and what to avoid. 

Book a consultation to help you prepare for your Porsche Purchase! 

Tom Prine

Tom has had a love for Porsche since he bought his first one in 1973. He’s known in our community as the Porsche Historian and has a wealth of knowledge and insight about all Porsche models and years. Tom has worked closely with Tony for 20 years and together they have seen almost every issue a Porsche can have, including the costly ones.

Terms: consultation fee must be paid for in advance via Paypal to [email protected] or Venmo @callasrennsport. Consultation is a 30 min minimum, scheduled in advance. We do not offer appraisal or price advice. We do not offer repair suggestions in these consultations. For further technical inspection, we offer a separate Comprehensive Vehicle Check Over in which a Technician inspects the car fully and we offer an inspection report with repair recommendations.