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Tony Callas | Callas Rennsport

Daytona 24 hours, 1998.

As a precocious kid growing up in and around his father’s Porsche shop, Tony’s mechanical talent was obvious. At age ten he was servicing Porsche’s. By the age of eighteen, he was attending factory schooling seminars during the week and on race cars on the weekend. In an effort to add to his growing skill, Tony accepted positions at several highly regarded shops in the Los Angeles area, including Adrian Gang’s Edelweiss Porsche, Pete Zimmerman’s Redline Porsche and the renowned Vasek Polak dealership.

Tony’s ambition, through all of this, was to open a small, specialized shop of his own, a goal he realized in 1992.

Callas open house

While running a successful and growing business, Tony’s love of racing hadn’t diminished. Tony was a mechanic on the Daytona winning Rohr Motor-sport team, including competing in the GT-1 and 2 classes internationally for Roock Racing, Seikel Motor-sport, Champion Racing and Peterson-White Lightning Racing teams eventually working his way up to a mechanic of the year on the Le Mans winning Seikel Porsche in 2001. Tony belongs to the small group of worldwide prestigious technicians that carry the highly honored Bosch Master Technician’s Degree. But at the end of the day, such as in most sports you’re only as good as the whole team, and Tony chose some incredible people for which to surround himself.

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