“Tony, You run a great ship. Good job-you are one of the best.”



“Motorbooks International, the car books publisher, asks me every few years to write or update the Porsche 911 Buyer’s Guide. These are the guys I come to first for advice, insight, and information. They have seen everything and they know the cures.”

Randy Leffingwell



Porsche technical trainer with Worldpac Training Institute.  Trainers need to know their subject cold, and it is an understatement to say that Tony is an exceptional trainer.  However, what impressed me most was not his incredible wealth of knowledge on Porsche, but that he was willing to share this knowledge with others to help make our industry stronger.  In the years since Tony first came to Edmonton I have visited Callas Rennsport and met Tony’s staff several times.  What impresses me is that without exception the staff at Callas Rennsport share Tony’s desire to make the right diagnosis, to pay attention to the details, and to treat customers fairly.  If I lived in the South Bay area, I would take my Porsche or BMW to Callas Rennsport.”

Paul Conquest

Paul Conquest is the owner of Eurasia Automotive, a 10 bay independent service facility in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada that specializes in Porsche and BMW as well as other European automobiles.

The Testimonials should fade in and out, not slide.  We’d like to have an important sentence or part of a sentence bolded. For example, Randy’s Testimonial: “Motorbooks International, the car books publisher, asks me every few years to write or update the Porsche 911 Buyer’s Guide. These are the guys I come to first for advice, insight, and information. They have seen everything and they know the cures.”

My experience in working with Tony Callas and his team can best be summed up in three words. Honesty, Integrity and Trustworthy. I would never hesitate to take my Porsches back to Callas Rennsport and I would recommend them to anyone in need of service.

5 Callas Rennsport 5/16/2017

Great staff and service, the only shop I trust with my car.

5 Callas Rennsport 5/1/2017

They helped my car get going again, the shop is very careful and professional and let me know what get done going forward address to keep it in good shape, I hope I can get all the work done. Youth Racing Boats has made me neglect the car. It was a friendly and personable experience and they like my car.

5 Callas Rennsport 5/1/2017

Tony and his team know what they are doing - but many people may do so. what however makes them so special is that they do know what is needed to be done... - in the first place. and i think this makes the big difference!! Peter Knopf

5 Callas Rennsport 4/28/2017

Great mechanic and great customer service. Also both Tony and Tom are an enormous source of information about Porsche cars.

Thank you, Sven! We're proud to care for your Porsche! Callas Rennsport
5 Callas Rennsport 4/7/2017

I don't pretend to know everything about my 911, so I'm appreciative for places like Callas Rennsport. I trust Tony and team above any other for routine maintenance, any mechanical issues or if I just need some Porsche-related advice. They were the first call I made after being rear-ended on the freeway. The team always goes above and beyond what's required. It doesn't matter if one drives a multimillion dollar collector or a multi-accident everyday driver. The team spends the time to explain what they're working and many of the details behind the work. Tony is never too busy to great you upon arrival, even if he's in the midst of working. The amount of knowledge and meticulous work is amazing. Between Tony & Tom and the rest of the team, it's hard to find more knowledgeable, genuinely great people, that share the same passion for Porsche.

5 Callas Rennsport 4/6/2017

Thanks, Tony, for taking good care of our 959. Installing a much needed, new battery, was more work than either of us imagined, but you got it done, as scheduled, and flushed out the brake system, too. I appreciate your work and would entrust any of our Porsches with you.

5 Callas Rennsport 4/5/2017

Very professional and thorough.

5 Callas Rennsport 3/3/2017

5 Stars is not quite enough to express the incredible service I received from Tony Callas and his crew. I was left stranded in my 996, and was towed to Callas. Without any hesitation, Tony and his crew immediately went to work diagnosing the problem before I left the car, so I would have an idea of what repairs I would be face. The next day they fixed the problem, as well as attended a few other areas of need, and did a complete examination of the car assessing all other wear and maintenance areas of the car, giving me a full report. I have never experienced such careful attention to detail, and effort to take care of my car, rather than just make a repair. I give them my highest recommendation and respect.

5 Callas Rennsport 2/23/2017

The most knowledgeable and always personal service

5 Callas Rennsport 2/15/2017