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Automotive Shock Absorbers

Automotive Shock AbsorbersAutomotive Shock Absorbers Tony Callas & Tom Prine Shocks are designed not just to dampen out the road bumps and irregularities.  Most think the weight of the car is keeping the wheels (tires) on the ground when the automobile is in motion but in all actuality it is the shocks and suspension.  Often you might be driving down the freeway and notice ... [Click here to read the Article]

IMS Guardian Part #1

IMS Guardian Part #1THE IMS Guardian Part #1 By Tony Callas and Tom Prine One of the more common issues with the M96 engine has been and remains the degradation of the Intermediate Shaft Bearing (IMS). If the IMS begins to wear severely and continues to do so undetected, the IMS will eventually fail. A failure of this vital engine component can set in motion ... [Click here to read the Article]

Porsche PCM Issues

Porsche PCM IssuesPorsche Communication Management Issues By Tony Callas and Tom Prine The Porsche Communications Management (PCM) system encompasses all areas of your Porsche’s electronics operations that do not relate to the mechanical operation of the car. PCM would include the electronics for the audio, video, navigation and displays used in your car. For the purposes of this discussion we will focus on the ... [Click here to read the Article]

The Porsche M96 Engine and Cracked Cylinder Heads

The Porsche M96 Engine and Cracked Cylinder HeadsThe M96 Engine and Cracked Cylinder Heads The cylinder head(s) on any water cooled engine has the potential to crack, and Porsche’s M96 engine in the 986’s & 996’s is no exception.  The most common reason for this to happen is when an engine significantly overheats, usually due to the loss of coolant.  Overheating can be caused by something as simple ... [Click here to read the Article]

Free Maintenance?

Free Maintenance?Free Maintenance? We are discovering that as new cars are coming off of their factory warranty and reaching the independent garages, they have been fairly neglected in the basic service areas.  By basic service area we mean tire rotations, brake fluid changes and especially standard engine oil and filter changes.  In an effort to look green and appear to produce an ... [Click here to read the Article]

Porsche Computerized Engine Management

Porsche Computerized Engine Management Porsche Computerized Engine Management Porsche street cars first received computerized engine management for the 1980 model year.  By today’s standards, the early version was elementary in comparison.  This addition was obvious by the installation of an oxygen sensor to monitor oxygen content in the exhaust stream.  This was Porsche’s approach to improve engine performance and tailpipe emissions in most operating ... [Click here to read the Article]

The Importance of a Pre-Purchase Inspection

The Importance of a Pre-Purchase InspectionThe Well Thought Out Used Porsche Purchase Buying a used Porsche can be a difficult and even stressful task due to the potential for expensive repairs.  Anyone contemplating a used Porsche purchase should consider that at a minimum, a few thousand dollars will be needed to bring things into top condition.   Many believe that problems like a worn out clutch, or even ... [Click here to read the Article]

Porsche Engine Oil / Air Separators 101

Porsche Engine Oil / Air Separators 101 Porsche Engine Oil/Air Separators 101 The Engine oil air separator directly affects the engine crankcase atmosphere because basically, all Porsche's from 1980 on, including the current 986, 987, 996, 997, Cayman & Cayenne engines, all are positive crankcase type systems.  This means that the engine crankcase has vacuum supplied from the intake manifold to collect and burn the residual combustion by-products ... [Click here to read the Article]

Automotive Tire Tips

Automotive Tire TipsAutomotive Tire Tips Since the introduction of the modern steel belted radial tire, automotive tires can now safely last upwards to 80,000 miles.  Most automotive manufacturers recommend that tires be in service no longer than 6 years on the vehicle, and no longer than 10 years from the date of manufacture.  DOT Number — Mandated by the federal government, every tire has ... [Click here to read the Article]

Our extensive combined experience, your street car: A winning combination!

Callas Rennsport is a team of veteran Porsche, BMW & MINI service, repair and restoration specialists in the South Bay, Torrance, CA since 1992.  Their combined experience, from servicing sport machines for daily use to preparing the latest Porsche GT-1 racer for Le Mans, guarantees the most comprehensive care available for your Porsche, BMW or MINI.

Here’s what Hurley Haywood has to say:
You run a great ship. Good job-you are one of the best.
Hurley Haywood

Here’s what Randy Leffingwell has to say:

Motorbooks International, the car books publisher, asks me every few years to write or update the Porsche 911 Buyer’s Guide. These are the guys I come to first for advice, insight, and information. They have seen everything and they know the cures.

Randy Leffingwell


Here’s what Paul Conquest has to say:

“Tony Callas is a true jewel.  I first met Tony when he came to Edmonton in his role as a Porsche technical trainer with Worldpac Training Institute.  Trainers need to know their subject cold, and it is an understatement to say that Tony is an exceptional trainer.  However, what impressed me most was not his incredible wealth of knowledge on Porsche, but that he was willing to share this knowledge with others to help make our industry stronger.  In the years since Tony first came to Edmonton I have visited Callas Rennsport and met Tony’s staff several times.  What impresses me is that without exception the staff at Callas Rennsport share Tony’s desire to make the right diagnosis, to pay attention to the details, and to treat customers fairly.  If I lived in the South Bay area, I would take my Porsche or BMW to Callas Rennsport.”

Paul Conquest

Paul Conquest is the owner of Eurasia Automotive, a 10 bay independent service facility in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada that specializes in Porsche and BMW as well as other European automobiles.

Thank you for taking the time to check out our site,

Tony Callas

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