“Tony, You run a great ship. Good job-you are one of the best.”



“Motorbooks International, the car books publisher, asks me every few years to write or update the Porsche 911 Buyer’s Guide. These are the guys I come to first for advice, insight, and information. They have seen everything and they know the cures.”

Randy Leffingwell



Porsche technical trainer with Worldpac Training Institute.  Trainers need to know their subject cold, and it is an understatement to say that Tony is an exceptional trainer.  However, what impressed me most was not his incredible wealth of knowledge on Porsche, but that he was willing to share this knowledge with others to help make our industry stronger.  In the years since Tony first came to Edmonton I have visited Callas Rennsport and met Tony’s staff several times.  What impresses me is that without exception the staff at Callas Rennsport share Tony’s desire to make the right diagnosis, to pay attention to the details, and to treat customers fairly.  If I lived in the South Bay area, I would take my Porsche or BMW to Callas Rennsport.”

Paul Conquest

Paul Conquest is the owner of Eurasia Automotive, a 10 bay independent service facility in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada that specializes in Porsche and BMW as well as other European automobiles.

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If you are looking for the Best Porsche Shop around.... This is the place... Hands down!

5 Callas Rennsport 10/8/2015

This has been years ago, but, I had Tony rebuild my the front end suspension on my1974 BMW 2002Tii. The car drove like new again after he was finished with it. He aligned the front and rear suspension after the work. The care tracked as straight as an arrow with the steering wheel centered. There were no services/ratings services on the internet when Tony did this work. I just purchased a 73 Datsun 510 and he's the first person I'm going to seek out to rebush the front end on this car. I highly recommend his work.

5 Callas Rennsport 10/8/2014

Absolutely the best Porsche care center! My baby is in good hands here. Genius level technicians and all around great people who really care about your car and you.

5 Callas Rennsport 10/8/2014

Spoke with the Service Advisor about a technical problem- tremendously helpful & in terms of knowledge he was extremely thorough & detailed- that is all you can ask for !!

5 Callas Rennsport 10/8/2014

Tony Callas and staff are the greatest! They're always there for me when I need it with a smile in their faces and great support ! Thank you!!!

5 Callas Rennsport 10/8/2014

Tony has always been dedicated to his work. He always wants to keep on the cutting edge of technology. Would recommend him to all my friends...

5 Callas Rennsport 10/8/2014

My 2008 Boxster S had run out of warranty and I was concerned about some issues with those models, specifically the intermediate shaft bearing. I had been using Pacific in the South Bay, and while I had generally good experience there I wanted a different take - more proactive then reactive.Callas has a new car/customer walk through where Tony takes you on a test drive, and then they put the car on the lift and go through everything. A number of issues came up that either were service lazy (cables not in clips etc) or things that were symptoms but not yet broken. Additionally we discussed the various issues these cars faced and whether this particular car was worth keeping or should be sold onward. This was a great help in deciding what to do next and is definitely worth doing for any considered used Porsche purchase.Based on that analysis I scheduled a list of service items to be addressed. As with any repair, things may later be discovered, and these guys are very much committed to identifying ANY issues that may bite down the road, particularly if it would leverage labor already invested. And due to that, and my own desire to be conservative, I did spend a bunch more $$ than I had initially planned, but I feel the car is now really solid for the future. I did hang out and watch during some of the work - I've done my own work on cars for years prior to this - and their work is all very methodical and professional. Its all explained in detail, and consideration is given to the options when there are some. They stand by the work and will address any issues.Highly recommended - great bunch of guys and you'll probably get to see some very rare cars to boot.

5 Callas Rennsport 9/8/2014

If I could change my relationship status on Facebook to "in a relationship with Tony at Callas Rennsport", I would. But my wife wouldn't be too thrilled with that. I was referred to Tony by a buddy who also has a late-model Porsche. Tony, Tom and Casey over at CR are smart, tech-savvy, approachable and intuitive. My previous-mechanic recommended a transmission rebuild. Tony and team took a more experienced approach in trouble-shooting that pin-pointed the problematic areas --- partly in an effort to not hit my wallet as hard as it could've, but moreso because it was the right thing to do given the situation. What's more, they are committed to excellence with true personal attention and interest in diagnosing and solving root problems. What I like best is that Tony treats your car, as if it was his. And you feel that coming through in his time and attention as he explains the issues and recommended approach. These guys are solid and busy. Though they book a few weeks out most of the time, they're worth the wait. Even if you have to cab it around town or hitch rides from your wife and friends, don't settle.

5 Callas Rennsport 4/7/2014

If you are in the market to purchase a Porsche you absolutely have to have it checked it out by these guys as I was referred by a guy who really knows cars! Casey, Tony, Tom, Grant and Kelly are absolutely amazing! No car guy, I went in a tad intimidated as these are no ordinary cars. Smart, friendly and very very professional these people really get you comfortable with their analysis of the vehicle. While I have been in the market to purchase a sports car and found a beautiful car that was what I was looking for and seemed perfect, these experts conducted a Pre-Purchase Inspection (PPI) that saved me the pain of over-paying. If ever you are in the market to purchase a Porsche, do yourself a favor and have it inspected here, where the expertise is teamed with an disarmingly easy going manner that will leave you pleased to have met them!!

5 Callas Rennsport 11/24/2013

Well, I really can't top what has already been said. I've been treated very well at Callas. But my story is actually about another man's car, my doctor's. He has a 993 Twin Turbo and the local Long Beach Porsche dealer could not get it to smog. (That's his story and I can't verify it.)I told the doc to take his car to Callas. Problem fixed readily. The problem is that dealers are all about new cars. The older air cooled cars are not favored by the dealer at all. Tony can work on anything Porsche or BMW and did sort out whatever was wrong with the 993.There weren't a lot of 993s made and they are getting to be 15-17 years old. 993s are complicated cars and they need a competent shop and Tony Callas has that shop.

5 Callas Rennsport 8/12/2013
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